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Established in September 2015, Shenzhen Solebe Electronics Co., Ltd. leads in electronic locks, based in a 1500-square-meter Shenzhen factory. Our range includes outdoor and indoor locks: waterproof sharing locks for micro-mobility, custom battery locks for e-bikes, and keyless smart alarm locks.

We’re backed by Utility Model Patents, Appearance Design Patents, CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications, ensuring quality and safety.

Solebe offers end-to-end OEM and ODM services, with rapid production of up to 20,000 units monthly, guided by our expert R&D team and efficient management.

Our commitment is unwavering: crafting high-security locks with care for clients in 30+ countries.

Welcome to Shenzhen Solebe Electronics Co., Ltd., where we turn concepts into reality and build win-win partnerships as craftsmen.

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Innovative Customization

*Expert R&D for bespoke lock solutions *Specializing in OEM/ODM services

Factory-Direct Advantage

*Competitive pricing *Reliable supply, straight from the source


*CE, RoHS and FCC certified for safety and reliability *Committed to meeting international standards

Fast Shipment

*Lightning Fast Preparation *Speedy Trusted Logistics

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